Guest Who?

by | Feb 24, 2013 | News

Hey, everyone. GM again. I know what you’re thinking; “hey, that isn’t Yam’s art! Did she misplace her hands or something?” Rest assured, Yam’s hands are right where they should be (that is to say, still on her person). Thing is, she’s still metaphorically ripping through spring’s big story, and seeing as spring isn’t quite here yet, it’ll still be a little while before we can get this show on the metaphorical (again) road.

So! To keep the DR engine running in the meantime, we’ve arranged for some wonderful guest artists to help us out. Over the next few months, we’ll be treating you to some delightfully silly B&W strips starring Baxter’s bursting buddy, Duckbomb! This ducksplosion comes courtesy of some very talented picture makers. Some of these art persons you may have even heard of. Either way, I hope you enjoy these goodies while me and Yamzo press on with the big story business.

Our first artist is colorful toonmaker Andrew Dickman. If any of you are familiar with the video game series Mega Man or one of those oddball YouTube critic thinguses, you may have come across some of his goodies. This guy’s artistic breadth and fanciful character designs are something else. Check out his gallery thingus here! 

And now to chain myself back to my work desk. Take it easy, everyone!




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