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Yam here. I’m the goober who draws the Dingus Rancher comic. Sometimes I help with the writing, but usually I’m just handling the art.  We just posted a special look at the strip creation process here:  Check it out!

If you’re curious, here’s some of what’s involved when it comes to making the strips:

I start by sketching out a rough drawing, usually in ballpoint pen on notebook paper. It may go through several changes before I move on to the next phase.

I follow that up with a more refined pencil drawing that’s based on the rough. Once that’s approved, I move on to the inks. Then I add color using prismacolor markers and color pencils. The last step is to re-ink the entire drawing, in order to enhance the black lines that get washed out by the markers.

Sometimes I’ll draw backgrounds in pure color, other times I’ll rough them out with the rest of the strip.

It’s a time consuming process, but I enjoy the results. I hope you get a kick of them, too. Since I’m drawing these by hand, you can also note the many mistakes and errors I make as I work.





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