Back on the Farm

by | Jul 31, 2015 | News

Hello, Internet person(s). Did you miss us?

Just in case you’re new here, this is Dingus Rancher, the story of monsters and the weirdos who raise them. I’m GM, the writer and general manager of this outfit, my partner Yam handles the art, and Chris is our nocturnal friend who does a little bit of everything. You can expect to see walking eyeballs, exploding toy ducks, exciting monster fights and people just kinda hangin’ out and eating nachos. Hope you like!

Anyway, it is my greatest pleasure to welcome you all to the all-new Dingus Rancher website! What do you think of our new digs? Pretty neat, right? Many thanks to our new Web Mage, Hannah from Cognitive Dissonance, for doing an ace job building it for us. Not only is she a high-level wizard, she plays the violin too! So, thank you Cognitive Hannah and Violin, and our previous Web Mage, Muir Freeland of Sky Tyrannosaur, for giving DR a lovely new home.

And with a new site, comes a new story! That’s right: Dingus Rancher Adventures begins now! We will be updating every week on Friday at 11 am Central Standard Time. There will be much excitement right of the bat, so please stop on by when you get the chance!

In the meantime, why don’t you take a look around? If you’re new, I recommend checking out What’s Dingus Rancher? for the general idea of what we’re doing here. If you wanna jump straight into some comics, though, just head on over to our new Browse Comics page, pick a story and get to reading!

That’s all for right now. Please check back with us next Friday for some good times. Until then, take it easy!


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