Here It Comes!

by | Jul 14, 2013 | News

Hide your meats! Shelve your children! Dingus Rancher Adventures is about to begin!

GM here. Sorry about the whole pushing-the-story-back-another-two-weeks thing, but the wait, she is almost over! How almost, you ask? Keep your disks on, son, I was getting to that: Dingus Rancher Adventures #1: Dingus, Meet Wingus begins this Thursday! Much excitement!

Now, if any of you have read our About DR page, you may recall how I mentioned you don’t really need to know anything about Monster Rancher to enjoy the strips. Well, quite frankly I could’ve done better. While I still strongly feel they’re all quite wonderful art-wise, a fair few of them were, in hindsight, rather more obtuse than I would’ve liked; they were saved by the Yam, as it were. But hey, you gotta start somewhere. DRA, on the other hand, is a different story (so to speak); my partner and I went to great lengths to make sure you can understand and enjoy the whole thing from start to finish, even if you haven’t read the strips. To put it another way, this story is our proper introduction to the world of Dingus Rancher, and the ideal starting point for new readers. So! Look forward to that.

We’ll be kicking things off with a prologue by our letterer and flatting person, Chris, which will be updated weekly on Thursday. Once that’s over, we’ll finally be back in Yamland and assume our twice-weekly update schedule: new pages every Thursday and Sunday. Once again, much excitement!

This is it, everybody. It’s finally happening. Thank you all ever so much for being so patient while we’ve been fumbling about behind the metaphorical curtains these past few months; we poured all our proverbial gravy into this, and we sincerely hope the wait will have been worth its weight in steak, as I may or may not have mentioned some months ago.

This is one steak that deserves to be well done.

Take it easy!



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