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by | Jul 18, 2013 | News

Good after-hello, Internet person(s), and welcome to the weird and wonderful world of Dingus Rancher, the story of monsters and the weirdos who raise them! It’s been a long time coming, but our first big story is finally underway. For those of you who are new to this thing, Dingus Rancher is an online comic chronicling the lives of a group of farmers with fighting monsters for livestock. Sound familiar? It probably is! But don’t worry about it; just read on and everything will make sense. (As much as things can make sense in this strange place, anyway).

I’m GM, the words person. I’ll be doing most of the talking, so God help you. My partner, the amazing Yam, handles the art. If you’re reading this today, her pretty pictures will be turning up a bit later; this prologue’s done by our lettering person, Chris. Apparently, he doesn’t sleep, so we put him to work on a few odds and ends whenever possible. It’s only fair, I think.

We put a heck of a lot of effort into sorting out this exciting story, and we hope you’ll stick around to see how things get on. Thanks for reading, and take it easy!


P.S. Whoops! Forgot to mention a thingus: this prologue will update weekly on Thursdays. Once that’s over, we’ll be permanently settling into our Thursday + Sunday schedule. End transmission.



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