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by | May 13, 2012 | News

How’s everybody doing today? Punch any ocelots lately? ’cause they deserve it. Twice.

Anyway, lots of stuff to talk about. First of all, it’s my pleasure to report that as of right now, we have nearly 1,460 likes on Facebook! Yam and I are delighted that so many of you brave ocelot punchers are keen on reading a thing about hungry walking eyeballs, living stuffed kitties and beer-swilling weirdo farmers. You are good times!

Speaking of weirdos, I think it’s about time I told you about how we’re doing things around here.

Unlike most online comics, we won’t be updating continuously forever and ever. Instead, we’re doing DR in batches, or “series” as we’re calling them. Each series will consist of a certain number of strips. When we reach the end of a series, we’ll be taking a break for a few months to prepare the next one. We’re doing this mainly because of how long it takes to make them, since they’re all done the old-fashioned way, with real ink, paper, markers, sausages and whatnot. But don’t worry! We’ll have plenty of fun stuff to hold you over while we prepare the next series, including sketches, concept art and another secret dealie I can’t talk about just yet. Trust me, it’ll be a thing.

How will you know when we’re preparing for the next series? Easy. Let me introduce you to our ever-present activity indicator, Trafficolo!

traffi1smallYou’ve probably noticed these little guys living in the top-right corner of the page. Not only do they look like traffic lights, they light up as well! Since we’re in the middle of our first series, the green one up top’s lit up. When we’re busy getting the next series ready, the red one on the bottom’ll light up, along with a message saying when we’ll be back. Red means stop, green means go. Simple, right?

This first series consists of 50 strips. Since we’re a little under the halfway point, there’s plenty more good times to be had. We hope you’ll stick around!

Finally, Yam recently set up a tumblr blog to display her wonderful art things. My partner’s not much on self-promotion, but fortunately, I don’t have that problem. You can check it out here!

That’s all for right now. Take it easy, and watch out for vengeful South American cats!



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